Our Quest

Alchemie Group’s Ultra Efficient Materials Solutions Enable Mankind To Utilise The Earths Materials Resources More Efficiently & Effectively; Fuels Go Further, Buildings & Vehicles Use Less Energy. Transporters Weigh Less, Use Less Fuel And Can Carry More Per Kilometre. Submersibles Go Deeper, Space Vehicles Go Further, Buildings Go Higher, Infrastructure Lasts Longer. People Are Kept Safer, Healthier On A More Sustainable Planet.


Since the dawn of the industrial revolution we have, through the unlocking of 350 million years of chemically stored solar energy in the form of hydrocarbons, changed our planet to our benefit, in amazing ways. Our freedoms, comforts and prosperity are all the product of stored fossil carbon.

WE are the most fortunate generation of homo sapiens to have ever lived, and unless WE change the way we use the earth material resources, WE will have been the most fortunate generation.

If by the year 2030 the Co2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) stay at current levels (7btons or 440ppm), the planet will heat up by 2oC degrees, above pre-industrial levels.

Above 2oC major ecosystems (permafrost tundra & icecaps melt, rainforest turn to savanna and deserts, coral reefs, major ocean circulations slow or stop, etc) start to collapse and release far more GHG then they absorb. Beyond this point the ecosystem destruction will accelerate without our “help”, and there have been many times in the earths evolution where mayor destruction of life has happened when events such as this are triggered; i.e the Permian period 251m ago.

We now need to reduce GHGs by 2030 by 90% (to 2.7btons), in Europe & N America we emit between 10-25 t/person, with global population due to be 8.2 billion by 2030 we need to be emitting less than 0.33t/person by then.

The cost of stopping this is not a simple cost in $, its lives of everyone we know around us and billions of other people destroyed over time through, starvation, flooding and diseases.

These are excerpts from the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change the leading international advisory group and HEAT by George Monboit a leading international environmentalist and author.