MeTx™ – Metal Electrolysis Technology

Alchemie Group’s Precious & Rare Earth Metals Electrolysis Systems

Alchemie Group is completing field trials and has applied for patents to two new precious & rare earth metal extraction technologies. Alchemie Group is now offering the metal extraction, processing and decontamination industry its new Generation 2 MeTx metal extraction and GeTx materials processing technology. Generation 1 MeTx units are in use with a number of the worlds leading metals extraction companies including AngloGold, as well as numerous single unit operations in mines, factories and workshops. In order to service the above industries Alchemie Group, via national agents, intends to wet-lease MeTx & GeTx systems and toll process; tailings, slurries, sludge’s, etc. Where appropriate the agents may enter into contracts to process the MeTx cassettes and refine the extracted dore’ / metal alloys.

Generation (Gen) 2 MeTx technology processes solutions through 3D carbon based electrolysis cells resulting in significantly increasing performance over the Gen1 MeTx units and all other commercially available electrode blocks. The advantages include very high solution throughput as shown below;


Number of MeTx Cells

Processing Capacity, m3 per Annum

Single electroliser


28 224

MeTx Processor mounted in a the following

20 foot Container


2 935 296

40 foot Container


5 983 488

In addition to high solution throughput each of the MeTx Gen2 units is approximately ten times greater than other commercially available electrode blocks because of they:

* Absorb 5 times more metals before MeTx cassettes need changing.

* Process very low concentrations of metals from liquid solutions down to 0.001gram per litre.

* Extract 99.99% of all metals from solution.

* Cassettes can be individually hot swapped rapidly, minimising or elimination system downtime.

* Cassettes can be processed with minimum contamination enabling virtually all the metals in the cassette to be extracted for refining.

The MeTx systems can be pallet, skid, container or truck mounted allowing maximum operational flexibility. Because of the above operating factors the return on capital is greater than other metal extraction technology and the operating costs are significantly reduced.

The table below shows the potential key operating and financial information for three types of precious & rare earth metals extraction systems, based on recent gold extraction tests:

Operating & Financial Summary*

Number of MeTx Cells per Container

Processing Capacity

Capital Cost of Systems

Operating Costs & Annual Capital Costs

Annual Revenue based on -

Annual Revenue based on -

Annual Net Margin based on -

Annual Net Margin based on -




@ 0.2 g/m3

@ 2 g/m3

@ 0.2 g/m3

@ 2 g/m3

Single MeTx Unit


28 224

20 541

10 792

127 008

1 270 080

116 216

1 259 288

Container 20 footer


2 935 296

2 136 305

1 569 414

13 208 832

132 088 320

11 639 418

130 518 906

Container 40 footer


5 983 488

4 354 775

2 734 999

26 925 696

269 256 960

24 190 697

266 521 961

* Based on a solution with: Ph<12+, NaOH concentration < 0.3%, conductivity <1.66 cm.m-1, resistance in ohm/cm > 60, solution <20oC.

In addition Alchemie Group can combine the efficiency of the MeTx Gen2 extraction technology with its GeTx materials processor. GeTx is a very efficient technology for processing low moisture content tailings at high speed. The GeTx system combines the tailings with precisely proportioned electrolyte at the tailing particulate / electrolyte aerosol droplet level maximising the activation and hydration of the particles. Post MeTx processing can remove the electrolytic solution leaving dehydrated tailings with virtually all metals extracted.

GeTx Materials Processor

National agents would be responsible for; system sales, financing (via leaseback) and operation of the MeTx and GeTx system operation, cassette supply and processing, training, security and maintenance. The agent would agree with the end user the % of the value they receive from the technology under a tolling and / or wet lease contract. In return for the above the agent would be able to recover costs and share in a percentage of the operating profit with Alchemie Group. Alchemie Group will provide the systems and technical support and in return charge a licence fee, based on a percentage of the operating profit, to the agents national operating company for the use of the technology. This can be structured so that the total tax liability of the national business operation is less that 1%.

To discuss agency opportunities and arrange a demonstration please contact us.