Metallic Composites & Components


Alchemie Group is able to assist customers with:

  • Production of advanced metallic components from fusalage skins, wing spars, F1 wheels, submarine and yatch hulls. Alchemie Group uses one of the worlds strongest hydraulic horizontal ( pressure up to 20000 TC ) and vertical (pressure up to 75000 TC) presses as well as a wide range high efficiency pressing, forging and catsing equipment. Alchemie Group has high qualified metalurgists, technicians and scientists. All these allows us to develop and produce a wide range of the components and systems according to a range of international standards including: ISO 9001, TUV cert 2000, certificate, СPМ-1, NASA, GOST, BSI and Hamilton Standard (USА).
  • Developing and production of unique comрonents from Al, Mg, Ti, as well as heat resistant Ni alloys.
  • Research & Development in future areas alloy component production.
  • Defining the optimum metal components and production processes in producing a product.
  • Developing and producing the McTx processing equipment and the technical documentation for the equipment and technology.
  • Providing engineering services for installing the production processes and equipment.
  • Creating specific processes for special treatment of components.
  • Creating technical and manual documentation for control and testing of materials and components.
  • Producing the testing equipment and machinery for non destructing control for components and technological processes;
  • Developing, calculating and production of different structures from light alloys.
  • Certification of components.