H2OTx™ – Water Distilation & Desalination



Alchemie Group is seeking a global partner to set up production, sales and operating company to supply wet-leased H20Tx water desalination units and H20Tx water & salt, initially in the Middle East & North African region.

The H20Tx systems are able to produce 40kgs of pure sea per ton of processed water with a wholesale value of U$0.50/kg, and pure water with a wholesale value into the mineral water bottling industry of U$0.15/litre. The cost of processing is U$12/m3 or ton so even if 900 litres out of every 1,000 litres is sold to the municipalities at U$0.50/ton there is still U$23/m3 margin. At the same time the H2OTx Plants produce little or no pollution as they are powered by solar energy or natural gas (in low solar intensity countries) and no toxic brine is released back into the sea. With the current global carbon/ green house gas emission costs due to rise VERY steeply in the next decade, the H20Tx technology will not only be the most profitable desalination technology, but possibly the only morally acceptable desalination technology!

Alchemie Technology [H20Tx] RDL Limited is a subsidiary company within Alchemie Group. Alchemie Group specialises in the development and commercialisation of technologies that lead to ultra-efficient solutions being delivered to clients. Alchemie Group has a world class team of water processing scientists and engineers. This team has developed three revolutionary H20TxTM desalination technology’s that distil water, two developed to proof of concept and demonstration stage and one technology that has been fully field tested in pilot plant stage extensively over 6-14 months with the Middle Eastern Desalination Research Centre in Muscat. The H2OTx modular unit operated autonomously for 6 months without any external input, without loss of performance.