GeTx™ – Gerasimenkos Materials Processing Technology


GeTx is a unique patented materials processing technology for de-agglomeration, solids dispersion, emulsification, particle activation and sterilisation of materials based on an ultra-high speed, thin film, cavitation / sonification technology. In addition to having made an early stage investment in the GeTx technology in 2014 Alchemie became the EU distributor for the GeTx materials processors. Please visit www.getx-materials-processing.com for more information.

GeTx Unique Selling Points:

1) Very controllable constituent material mixing, highest throughput speed of any mixing system.

2) Simply and economically homogenize and emulsify fluids, regardless of their viscosity, the output being a very high quality emulsions with micron and sub-micron droplets.

3) Sterilise materials incl. fluids at very high throughput speed without heating.

4) It can disintegrate solid granules or powders with a very high impact force per unit creating highly activated particle surfaces resulting in increased quality of output materials.

5) Practically instantaneous and very accurate materials processing at very high throughput speeds of multiple constituents; liquids with liquids, powders with powders and liquids with powder.

6) Very high percentage of primary constituent reactions with minimum secondary and tertiary reactions as mixed product does not react with mixing constituents. Very fast thermal dispersion, cooling or heating of materials being processed.

7) Minimum moving parts, minimising wear and tear on machine and maximising reliability.

8) It can reduce energy consumption up to ten times compared to competing materials processing technologies.

Key Material Processing Capabilities of the GeTx Machine:

Material Disintegration, Dispersing, Mixing, De-agglomerating, De-flocculation, Emulsification, Homogenisation, Sterilisation, Pasteurisation, Particle size reduction, Powder blending.