Fibre and Textile Reinforced Composites

ImageComposite materials are those that are combinations of two or more distinct materials with a distinct interface between them. Composite materials take many forms with fibre, or particulate reinforcements combined in a range of matrix materials. The result of using combinations of materials is enhanced material properties beyond that possible with the individual components. The benefits may be improved thermal conductivity, reduced shrinkage, fire resistance or improved strength and stiffness.

AG offers a wide range of composite materials and expertise, ranging from reinforced RIM polyurethane, through glass reinforced polyester and epoxy composites, to advanced carbon fibre reinforced systems. AG employs a cross section of available manufacturing techniques for its composite components. These include reaction injection moulding, resin infusion, hand lay-up, match face moulding, 5-axis filament winding and specialist filament winding to name a few.

An extensive range of sophisticated processing techniques can be applied to the Alchemie Group fibres, filaments and textiles to produce advanced composites with rubbers, resins and plastics. Depending on the desired physical properties and form the optimum composite can be produced in a wide range of forms.