Advanced Textile Technology

ImageAlchemie Group is able to produce the full range of advanced textiles from high strength materials. Woven, warp & weft knitted and felted & needle punched fabrics can be dyed and finished to produce either an intermediary fabric for composite applications or a ready to wear garment fabric.

The intermediary fabrics can be rubberised and vulcanised, impregnated, coated or simply scoured ready for further processing. In addition to the previous fabrics unidirectional and lenowovens can also be laminated and finished. Ropes, hausers & cables can be produced as well a s a full range of narrow fabrics.

Complex windings for missile and airframes can reduce structural composite weights by 50%.

In addition to core AuTx advanced textiles AG is also able to combine or weave separately the following fibres; Basalt, carbon, glass and other ceramic filaments, Arcelon, Nomex, Conex, Kermel PBI fire resistant fibres, carbon, Vectran, HMWPE, Zylon and other high strength synthetic fibres.