Materials Processing Technology

Alchemie Group is the only supplier in the ultra high strength materials industry that can draw on a range of proprietary materials, composite technologies, application based engineers and project managers to engineer and supply appropriate solutions to the unique high performance requirements of clients.

The experience of our team includes designing, engineering and producing the new carbon fibre ring that will support the electromagnets in CERNS particle accelerator.

A high percentage of the International Space Station is built from our materials and currently the resupply and re-entry vehicles are built out of our materials using our processing know how.

A new generation of military submarines and 4th generation suspension bridges are being designed based on a high content of our materials and components made from them.

Our armour engineering is second to none with a number of the world’s largest armour companies reliant on components made from our materials. A whole family of specilaist vehicles is being manufactured and sold with a high number of components made using our materials.

If you need a cost effective materials solution for your 21st centrury requirements then please contact us.