Corporate Management Team

Alchemie has recruited a world class international business team directly working with leading specialist consultancies, five scientific institutes and seven large factories. Optimal organisation and development of the business is being brought about by a highly motivated, experienced multi-disciplined team comprising:

  • Senior Corporate Directors & Advisers for corporate planning, governance and industry contacts.
  • Senior industry executives to manage and develop the business as fast as possible.
  • Highly experienced technologists, engineers and scientists for materials, component and product development.
  • Current sales and marketing professionals with extensive industry knowledge and sales networks.

Chief Executive Officer – Haslen Back, former army officer, who previously ran a risk management operation, identified the technologies and co-founded Alchemie.

Finance Director – Valeria Tioutina BSc Econ (MSE), manages the relationships with the Scientific Partners as well as financial modelling and budgeting.

Chairman of Alchemie SPV1 Limited- Graham James, MBA, former deputy Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police, retd Aug. 2003 Graham has taken on responsibility for developing the APTx business as Chairman as well as through his considerable organisational skills and security industry contacts.