There is a very experienced management team in position to manage and grow the business and as the company expands there is a wealth of key personnel available from within Alchemie Group’s shareholders.

The materials R&D and the application design & engineering divisions create intellectual property that is managed to maximise control over the materials value adding chain between the materials producers, converters and clients.

The application design & engineering units work with the sales & marketing units, the materials research & development units and the production management units to ensure constant product innovation and production processes for new product.

The production management and quality control units ensure materials & product quality controls function in both Russia and the ATx & APTx national franchisees.

International sales & marketing departments manage relationships with the multi-nationals as well as manage the national offices that in turn manage the national franchisees.

The international corporate management office in London manages the business.

Intellectual Property Management is managed by a very experienced team advised by Boult Wade Tennent. Alchemie Group’s patents are a vital instrument for protecting the results of years of expensive research against imitators. They permit Alchemie Group not just to secure its own technology leadership, but also to let others participate in it as licensees. Alchemie Group operates an system to ascertain that the company’s protective rights are being observed and to detect any breaches of these rights.

The business plan is based on a proven business model used by many technology development, technology licensing and trading businesses. Alchemie Group applies a Blueprinted business model that was developed by a team of McKinsey consultants to all it’s businesses. This process identifies 7 essentials that the 387 businesses on Nasdaq had in common to have achieved a million to a billion turnover. Blueprint essentials are highlighted in blue in the text of this web site.

The business has a credible “forward facing customer orientated management team” revolving around a lifecycle core “with a supply team facing back to production”. A specific “inside – outside leadership” team manages the business headed by a specific board that comprises industry insiders that understand the technology, the market and specifically the client’s requirements and production.