Organisational Structure

Alchemie is directing its operations into the following market sectors with materials either being supplied through Alchemie Materials Limited or specific majority owned operating companies/ business operations;

AEROSPACE: Composites and SiTx™-Glazings

APPAREL: H-E-A-Tx active thermoregulation clothing, AuTx protective clothing for motorsports and professionals operating in hazardous environments.

AUTOMOTIVE: Alchemie Technology Automotive Limited, ATx™: Components and ATx™ – Specialist Vehicles

CIVIL ENGINEERING: Shell ConcreTx, ATx™-Shell DevelopmenTx Buildings and ATx™ – Bridging

DEFENCE: ATx™ – Defence

ENERGY: SolarTx, www.Alchemie-Energy.com



MARINE: ATx™-Marine including ATx-RIBs, ATx™-Tanks, ATx™-Containers, ATx™-Hulls, ATx™- Submersibles, ATx™-Hovercraft, etc.

MEDICAL: ATx™-Bones, ATx™-Mobility, ATx™-Prosthetics, ATx™-Teeth


ART & ARCHITECTURE: via Shell DevelopmenTx

SPORTS & LIESURE: ATx™-Boards, ATx™-Hulls, ATx™-Masts, etc.

ZERO CARBON TECHNOLOGY: www.zero-carbon-technology.com

North American sales & marketing is being managed through the Boston office Alchemie Group (North America). Sales into the specific protection, survivability and safety markets are being conducted through a majority owned Advanced Protection Technology Limited and its operation companies;

APTx™ – Aerospace (helicopter and aircraft armour)

APTx™ – Fixed Assets (buildings, transportation routes (pipelines, etc.))

APTx™ – Human Systems (fire resistant garments and body armour)

APTx™ – Marine (boat & ship armour)

APTx™ – Vehicle Systems (armoured vehicles)