Laminated SiTx™

Two or more sheets of SiTx™ put together with a clear or colored interlayer to create a laminated safety SiTx™. The interlayer can be a variety of thicknesses and can be combined with colors or rice paper to give the resulting SiTx™ different architectural or lighting possibilities. The interlayer is most commonly polyvinyl butyral or PVB, which in most cases absorbs over 98% of the UV region. The laminating process can be done in several ways; using PVB sheets cut to the SiTx™ sizes and sealed in an autoclave or liquid resign poured and cured via time, heat or exposure to UV. They all result in essentially the same resign bond and safety features. Our unique capabilities are in laminating a variety of patterned and unusual SiTx™ types with irregular surfaces and different interlayers.