Coloured SiTx™

ImageSiTx™ high quality coloured glazings give an unparalleled range of shades and hues that can be cut to fit most luminaries, and its color will not fade of shift with prolonged use. Unlike dichroic glazings, SiTx™ glazings are ideal for floodlighting as it does not produce a secondary color towards the edges of a wide beam, and it will not reflect heat back onto the lamp. Different coloured strips of SiTx™ can be placed in the same frame, allowing both subtle and vivid multicolor effects. · Range of 41 colors · Saturated & pastel colors · No color shift over time · No fading · No color fringing · Color correction & neutral density filters · 4 diffusion filters · SiTx™ and UV block filter · Cut to fit most luminaries · Multicolor filters by combining SiTx™ strips One of our unique fabrication capabilities is to laminate our patterned SiTx™ es to other patterned SiTxTMes, or to other flat, clear or colored SiTx™ es. Since almost every building has an area where building codes require the use of safety SiTx™, laminated SiTx™ is ideal for such applications, including residential and commercial buildings, storefronts, window displays, banks and more.