Coating Technologies

Organic coatings (plastics) are damaged by UV light themselves, breaking down over time and eventually becoming ineffective. Conventional UV coatings grow progressively weaker in stopping UV light. Our UV coating is an advanced inorganic coating. Our coatings will remain effective, continuing to function at high efficiency for as long as the SiTx™ itself lasts. This process creates no surface etching.

Surface etched SiTx™ becomes paler at a distance, growing foggier. With our UV Coating, the screen remains clear at a distance, without fogginess. Our anti-reflective SiTx™ coating matches refractive index, and is less than 1% reflection of visible light. It is a multi layer coating with bonds into the SiTx™. Our anti glare coating is conductive for 99.99% static ELF/VLF dissipation. Hydrophobic Coating Such coatings can be added to SiTx™, creating water repellant optics. The hydrophobic coating bonds with the SiTx™ to create a barrier against dirt, repelling dust, grease and liquid. The coating is non-acidic.
It allows SiTx™ to be cleaned with a wiping cloth without cleaning solution. The hydrophobic coating will not optically change the SiTx™ panel. It is extremely durable water repellant that not only repels water, but any other undesirable matter, including salt spray. To clean the surface of this water repellant SiTx™, simply wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth. The hydrophobic coating also combats bacterial build-up as dirt and oils do not stay on the SiTx™. Electro-Conductive Coatings We can make SiTx™ to any conductivity specification required. Our conductive SiTx™ is useful for protecting from ice, lightning, static electricity and UHF radiation, touch screen applications using capacitive technology. Conductive SiTx™ shields emissions from LCD and plasma displays.
Our conductive SiTx™ can be used to pass FCC emissions and interference regulations with ultra-bright field emission displays. Conductive SiTx™ helps repel dust and dirt build-up. Used in tandem with our hydrophobic coating, conductive SiTx™ stays clean and dust free over long periods. A metallic coating that is transparent to the visible spectrum when energised emits light in the infrared spectrum, when combined with a mirrored rear coating the effect is a Hot Mirror. Reactive Transparencies Controlled transparencies based on liquid crystals changing light transmission, when the electric current is applied from 70-80 percent to 2-5 percent and returning to their initial condition when the current is switched off. Embedded light emitting diodes in CKYB clusters enable giant multi-media screens to be created on building facades.
Anti-Reflection Our anti-reflective SiTx™ coating process utilizes a unique method resulting in coating both sides of the SiTx™ improving glare and reflection reduction to 99% instead of 95%. We offer our anti-reflective SiTx™ in various transmissions, thickness, tempered/non-tempered, shapes, holes, and dimensions; conductive/nonconductive. Our unique multi-layer metal oxide interface coatings, in addition to providing virtually no glare, provides optimum scratch resistance, a harder SiTx™ coating than conventional anti glare coating. We can develop a variety of choices for your special needs. You may specify different thickness, sizes, radius corners, holes, silk screening, %transmission, conductive/non-conductive, or tempered/non-tempered. The same anti-reflective SiTx™ quality would apply to enclosed specs.
Our process also provides more flexibility in producing smaller quantities of anti-reflective SiTx™ more economically and in less time than conventional A/R coating processes. Neutral Density Neutral density "ND", SiTx™ is a gray tinted to reduce the transmitted light evenly across the light spectrum so there is no color distortion. This can be achieved either by having the specified amount of tint within the SiTx™ thereby being an absorption ND SiTx™ or by multi-layer coatings to achieve the light reduction via reflection thereby being a reflective ND SiTx™. A common two-way mirror is a reflective ND SiTx™ with a 60/40 transmission/reflectance specification.
Non-Glare – a dip coated float SiTx™ that reduces the reflections in the SiTx™ surfaces from the normal 8% to less than 1%. This SiTx™ is popular for projection windows, storefronts, display cases, viewing galleries and some terminal covers. It can be custom ordered as laminated or tempered which requires special processes. Front & Rear Coated Mirrors – Front Face Coatings for applications where the reflected image must be true. This eliminates the slight bending of light that occurs when an image passes through SiTx™ and back when using rear surface mirrors.
This coating is commonly specified for our custom ground and polished optics. The 97% reflective mirror coating is put on the front surface with a clear SiO2 protective coating. However this coating is still very sensitive to scratching and is further sprayed with a light blue coating that must be pealed off prior to use. Dichroic SiTx™ Filters – coated with multiple thin film layers to transmit a particular desired colour. The colour appears to change at different angles due to the vibrating rays of transmission the coatings cause.