SiTx™- Silica Transparencies


SiTx™-Silica Based Transparent Technology SiTx™ is the worlds most; versatile, durable, strongest, cost effective transparent material for use in situations where optical clarity and lightweight, high strength or environmental stability are critical. SiTx™ offers many significant advantages to designers, architects, fabricators and glazing contractors. SiTx™ has numerous uses that are simply not possible with glass, acrylic or polycarbonate based transparent solutions. SiTx™ combines the optical clarity [99%] of glass, compressive strength [10 to 50tons/cm3] and hardness [8Moh] of ceramics, the strength [2,000Mpa] of titanium.

SiTx™ is a silica based material that is produced by a sophisticated high purity process without flaws. SiTx™ – Transparencies Alchemie Technology has four main types of silica based composite transparencies that are created by varying the chemical and physical arrangement of the molecular structure of the material: SiTx™ – Lite Strength 250MPa. SiTx™ – Xtra-Lite Strength 500MPa. SiTx™ – Super-Lite Strength 1,000MPa. SiTx™ – Ultra-Lite Strength 2,000MPa. SiTx™ – Hard, hardness increased resist penetration and abrasion. SiTx™ – Ultra Transparent for applications requiring exceptionally clear. SiTx™, a modified batch composition provides a product with higher optical transmission to solar energy transmittance than standard especially in the infrared (IR) range of 600 to 900 nanometers.

SiTx™ – Ultra Transparent provides the means of displaying purity of colour, brilliance of crystal and enhanced lighting effects across an extensive range of applications. Due to their need for enhanced external viewing, SiTx™ – Ultra Transparent is the product of choice for architects when designing. A vast majority of marine hobbyists and commercial aquarium operators strongly prefer viewing panels of aquariums to be constructed from colourless SiTx™ – Ultra Transparent resulting in the true colours of the corals and fish in the aquarium. IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES OF SiTx™ O Highest strength to weight ration of any commercially produced transparent material.

O Very high light transparency and a range of coatings may be applied to vary its optical properties. O Absorb impact energy regardless of impact direction (isotropic). O Heat resistant with high stiffness and low density made at reasonable cost. O Isotropic properties, non-combustibility, form stability. O Completely recyclable and hence do not cause any harm to our environment.