FmTx™ – Foam Metal Technology

ImageFmTx™ – aluminium foam material has significant advantages in comparison with the traditional and widely used materials such as; aluminium, steel & aluminium, wood, concrete, styrofoam, etc. Advantages include; very high strength to weight ratios, very stiff/rigid Al foam constructions are 5-10 times stiffer than steel with the same weight, positive buoyancy and non hydroscopic, high thermal resistance at high and low tempera-tures, low thermal conductivity, minimal fire hazard they do not burn unless at extreme temperatures, high level of acoustic absorption, electromagnetic wave absorption, excellent mechanical impact en-ergy with an even deformation path. One of the revolutionary developments of AFTx™ has been in the crea-tion of a new class of super light foam metals materials with a density between 0,3 – 1,5 g/ñì3 using Ti, Ni, Fe and Al in the surface skin and in the foam core.