AuTx-HT Kinetic Protection

AuTx with FMJAdvanced Protection Technology has developed the worlds lightest body armour – providing resistance to bullet, fragment, spike & knife threats. Advanced Protection Technology has more know how and experience in developing advanced body armour solutions from Russian aramid (Rusar) fibre/yarns for the international market then any other company. Advanced Protection Technology has worked extensively with governments and major international brands to provide materials and develop protective systems. AuTx fabrics are now in service in a wide range of the lightest protective garments sold by the worlds leading body armour companies.

Protective System Performances achieved include:

Protection Type Standard Areal Densities

Soft Bullet & Spike NIJ3A >4 kgs/m2 – 0.82 lbs/ft2

Fragment & Bullet US Mil. Std 662f >3.85 kgs/m2 – 0.79 lbs/ft2

Hard Core Bullet GOST 2 Tokarev steel core >9.0 kgs/m2 – 1.85 lbs/ft2

These low mass systems showing:

25-30% weight reduction of current fragment protection systems and

20-25% weight reduction of current bullet proof protection systems

are only available from Advanced Protection Technology Limited.

Protective System Engineering Optimisation

Advanced Protection Technology is able to work with the armour industry to maximise the benefits of Russian aramid (Rusar) fibre / yarn based materials. AuTx materials are available in woven and non-woven, laminated and composite form. Based on a client’s protection requirement our armour engineers can develop the lightest solutions possible to defeat a wide spectrum of physical threats in accordance with a range of test protocols and standards.

Hybridisation & Value Engineering

Depending on the performance and price target that a client has Advanced Protection Technology is able to hybridise / blend AuTx with other materials to reduce cost. Depending on the threat & standard. Hybridisation includes the use of other aramids such as Heracron, Kevlar & Twaron, HMWPE such as Dyneema & Spectra, Polypropylene such as Tegris and metallic materials.

AuTx and Body Armour

AuTx is a material that is based on the Rusar complex co-polymer aramid fibres / yarns. Rusar properties such as tensile & dynamic strength, modulus, elasticity, thermal resistance, etc. can all be modified to produce a yarn that is “optimized” for a specific applications such as composites, soft armour, fire resistant clothing, etc. AuTx fabrics are woven and processed using a number of patented processes that give them exceptional energy absorption and resistance to penetration.

Supply Chain Management & Quality Control

Stability as well as the performance of materials used in protective systems and garments is critical. Quality controls include yarn batch testing at the bobbin stage, in-house testing of fabric strength at the production stage by non destructive and destructive means, and independent destructive batch testing in accordance with clients requirements post production.


Advanced Protection Technology Ltd., part of the Alchemie Group of companies:

For Sales and Commercial please contact UK office:

Haslen Back Chief Executive Mob. UK: +44 (0) 7710791863, Mob. Ru: +7 926 341 9957

7 St Helen’s Place, London, EC3A 6AU, UK

Tel. UK office: +44 (0) 207 562-0595 Fax. UK office: +44 (0) 207 628-5751


For Protective System Engineering Optimisation please contact Russian office:

Andrei Kuturin Technical Director

Moscow Contact Details: +7 926 844 1500


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