AuTx™ Aramid Fibre

AuTx™ – is currently in production as AuTx-WE fibre based on Rusar (Russian Aramid) technology with a tenacity over 250cN/Tex produced using a wet extrusion and thermal annealing process. In 2009 development is ongoing into the optimisation of the existing fibre / filament production process.

AuTx-DWE fibre is available for high strength composite applications with tenacity over 310cN/Tex.

Work has been ongoing for one year to see how nano-particles can be used to reinforce fibres with excellent initial results of fibre with a tenacity of 350cN/Tex.

AuTx-HT when incorporated in epoxy based composites uniquely for an aramid increases in relative strength due to inter-locking of the filaments within a matrix, giving tensile strength gains of 25-50%.

AuTx-FR (fire resistant) is produced using the AuTx-WE process without thermal annealing to produce a superior fibre when compared to PBI fibre the current industry leader.

AuTx™-HT is the worlds strongest commercially available aramid yarn that enables Alchemie Group to offer ultra high strength and ultra light weight composites, fabrics and AuTx based structural and ballistic protection solutions.

AuTx™-FR is one of the most thermally stable polymers with the highest strength/LOI  ratio with lowest thermal degradation available on the market. It is currently used  in heat and fire protection solutions.  Joined with carbon fibre it allows  to create very stiff and yet dynamically resilient textiles and composites for a wide variety of solutions where high strength and high heat and fire protection are required.