Core Materials Technology

The Alchemie Group has proprietary materials that are state of the art in each material category: alloys, aramid, ceramic and glass.

AlTx – high strength aluminium alloys, that may replace titanium in many structural applications, is produced using a proprietary powder metallurgy, high pressure extrusion route, in which a malleable material is extruded, rolled pressure formed and age hardened / strengthenedover 48 hours due to nano-particle growth.

AuTx – is currently in production as AuTx-WE fibre with a tenacity over 250cN/Tex produced using a wet extrusion and thermal annealing process. In 2009 development is ongoing into the optimisation of the existing fibre / filament production process. AuTx-DWE fibre is available for high strength composite applications with tenacity over 310cN/Tex. Work has been ongoing for one year to see how nano-particles can be used to reinforce fibres with excellent initial results of fibre with a tenacity of 350cN/Tex. AuTx-HT when incorporated in epoxy based composites uniquely for an aramid increases in relative strength due to inter-locking of the filaments within a matrix, giving tensile strength gains of 25-50%. AuTx-FR (fire resistant) is produced using the AuTx-WE process without thermal annealing to produce a superior fibre to PBI fibre the current industry leader.

CcTx – is a family of composite ceramics produced using three routes multi component ceramics using reaction bonding, siliconising and hot isostatic pressing processes in production. A mouldable pre-preg carbon to produce complex 3D SiC ceramics is in production and a HIP process to produce a rare earth Sic/BC hybrid ceramic in lab production that has been tested to show excellent multi threat and high kinetic energy protective properties. Work has been ongoing for one year to see how nano-particles can be used to reinforce the ceramics. Redefine your perception of ceramics, use CcTx.

ETx – Alchemie Group scientists and engineers have pioneered the use of electro textiles or e-textiles for over two decades and during this time have developed the most advanced active thermoregulation systems using the E-Tx fibre, fabrics and composites. E-Tx combines two fibres in a hybrid fabric consisting of metallic and carbon fibre monofilament yarns encased in semi-conductive polymer sheaths running at 0-90 in the warp and weft. This enables the fibres to act as independent wires to be used to form a tightly woven, knitted or unidirectional fibre grid with or without electrical contact between the wires. Such fabrics are known as electronic fabrics, e-fabrics and e-textiles.

BioCreTx – is a light weight, high strength, material that uses a proprietary production process to produce compressed waste biomass BioCreTx boards that have a high fire resistance, low cost and negative carbon footprint.

ESTx – Electron storage technology – plasma surface modification (or nano-surface modification) proprietary know how is used to produce capacitors that enable very high energy electrical charges to be stored and flows to be created. It is at the proof of concept plate stage, and now needs to go to the coiled foil stage to form the core of a “plasma capacitor”. This technology will enable the production of ultra high density, low mass, long life, electrical storage and ultra high speed discharge speeds, a key requirement in electrical protection systems.

FeTx – high strength steels, including access to know how to produce very high strength, high ductility rolled sheet steels with performances exceeding margining steels using a lower cost production route. Proven in lab, now needs a complete batch production run to enable final process optimisation and certification.

FmTx – foamed metal technology; patents and other proprietary know how, now in pilot production of the most homogeneous closed cell aluminium foamed metals with integrated surface skin of predetermined thicknesses. Used in fire and electromagnetic shielding and shock absorption applications.

HEATx – using ETx, a patented electro-textile, based on a patented bi-component fibre that is in production, combined with proprietary know how to produce active thermoregulation systems for environmental thermal protection, including human and machinery. RB developed a passive/active ventilation / cooling technology, CoolTx, that he may be able to exclusively licence to APTx as well as traditional active cooling systems.

SiTx – a sophisticated glass hardening and strengthening process route including; laser cutting, acid etching, thermal annealing and ion exchanging. The combination of these processes can take glass from a flexural strength of 20-30MPa to 1-2,000 MPa which when combined with the increased hardness and placed in a laminated system gives SiTx unsurpassed levels of protective performance, including, bird strike, ballistic resistance, etc. SiTx is used by NASA and former CIS major aerospace firms. Currently there is a raw material issue that once resolved will allow volumes to be produced again.

Think 21st Century materials, Think Alchemie Group Materials!