ATx – Industrial

ImageAlchemie Group’s materials for decades have performed reliably in the harshest conditions on earth. From uranium containment, to metal waste gas filtration and crucible linings you can rely on our materials to provide you with outstanding performance and services. CcTx is the most thermally and chemically stable high strength material on earth than can be formed into industrial viable components. The use of CcTx can dramatically lengthen the life of a smelting furnace, increase the purity of ultra high purity alloys, and produce immensely durable high temperature presses. AuTx composites can be used to produce ultra-high strength presses, high speed weaving looms, ultra high speed centrifuges and extremely long life roller and ball bearings used in applications from hot steel bar processing to conveyor belts. McTx is ideal for wide span constructions such as cranes and gantries as well as decking and uprights for oil platforms. The McTx titanium is very durable and stable under extremely corrosive chemical conditions. SiTx tubing offers one of the strongest and most durable piping solutions that has proven itself in the nuclear energy business and is suited to a wide range of liquid and gas transportation and containment applications. If you need immense strength, durability, stability then contact Alchemie Group to see how we can assist you.