ATx – Defence


Alchemie Group’s materials were developed on the back of the Cold War and we owe a significant part of our materials funding to the Defence Industry. Our materials are used in the fastest rockets, rockets with the greatest payloads, to protect rockets and to launch rockets. In armoured fighting vehicles our materials can be used to produce the lightests structures, lightests tracks & wheels and the lightest armour systems. With the advent of UAVs our materials being the strongest and most durable in the world are ideally suited as essential materials and components of the 21st century UAV programs. Cargo aircraft and fighter aircraft using our materials can fly further, carry more load and deliver mor payload than ever before. Our engineering knowhow and experience has enabled helicopters, airships and fighter aircraft to break new boundries in terms of operational capabilities. Since the development of steel barrel technology has gone through a continuous innovation process. In the 21st Century with projectile velocites destined to be common place over 4km/s huge preasures and temperatures are being created. Selection of CcTx linings and AuTx-HT wound barrels must be mandatory. In addition to the use of our materials our engineers are some of the most experienced designers of defence systems in the world. All our materials are controlled under the Wassenaar Arangement and Alchemie Group strictly adheres to International Conventions on technology and product transfers. Alchemie Groups advisors and directors have served at the highest levels in the Defence industry as both Customers and Suppliers. If you have a requirement that you would like to discuss then please contact us.