ATx – Civil Engineering

ImageAlchemie Group’s materials enable civil engineers and architects to redefine expectations and possibilites when using our materials and structures made from them. McTx is the most durable and lightest structural material in the world for bridge and multi story building decking with exceptional fire resistance, acoustic and thermal insulating properties. AuTx-HT as a semi crystaline polymer can be used in lift cabling, conveyor belts & esculators and in suspension bridging to minimise mass. In countries with considerable siesmic activity AuTx-HT can be used as a building stabiliser and as a geotextile due to its very high resistance to environmental degradation. AuTx-FR is the fire resistant fibre of choice in production of textiles and composites in areas where a high degree of thermal resistance is required. SiTx with its excellent optical properties can reduce at least 50% mass in a buildings transparent materials and add new dimensions to the way transparent materials are used, suspended flooring, giant walled aquariums, transparent bridging, etc. CcTx can be used to produce everlasting bearings and pullys in lifts and escalators, wear resistant flooring and unique vault and safe constructions with 60% more thermal energy required to break through CcTx then any other material. Not only do these materials reduce mass in a construction they dramatically reduce the environmental and logistics foorprint of new constructions minimising ground preparation and heavy plant requirements. Next time you are planning an new construction, call Alchemie Group and see how we can change the way you think.