ATx – Sports & Leisure


It’s a struggle to keep the engineers and marketing teams focused once the almost endless posibilities are thought of where Alchemie Group’s materials could be used to improve performance in the sports & leisure market. MaTx surfboards and hulls do not suffer from hydrolysis like other composite surfboards and hulls and are almost unbreakable. AuTx-HT can be used to produce the strongest and lightests sales and rigging in the world, the lightests and strongest components in racing cars and powerboats and the lightest structures in gliding. Imagine a fishing line with almost no drag or weight strong enough to haul in the largest sports fish. AuTx-FR motorsports suits offer the lightest most fire resistant protective solutions. SiTx-HT opens up a whole now underwater world that can be explored using helmets and submersibles made from SiTx as well as lightweight replacements. CcTx blades on ice would almost never wear out. Whether its golf or gliding, diving or fishing we can guarentee by using Alchemie Group materials in your equipment it will improve your performance!