ATx – Rail

ImageAlchemie Group’s materials have been used at the cutting edge of railway transportation for over a decade. MaTx is the ideal material for railway vehicle bodies as it encompases excellent acoustic and thermal insulation with immense strength and resistance to environmental degradation. Acousitic barriers alongside rail tracks made from MaTx would have a very long life and provide exceptional noise reduction. SiTx is an ideal material for protective galzings; resistance to penetration by iron bars at speeds up to 770km/h has been achieved without having to use polycarbonate that has less than ideal optical properties, is prone to delamination and scratching. SiTx is also an excellent thermal and accoustic insulator that enables vandal and hooligan resistant side windows to be produced. AuTx-HT composite fairings offer maximum protection to the front of high speed trains with a minimal mass increase. AuTx-FR is a very strong fire resistant yarn with a dyablility and finish similar to wool that is very cost effective when used in furnishings. If you are considering replacement / refurbishment or even a new build then consider the great advantages Alchemie Groups materials could give you.