The environmental stability of Alchemie Group materials make them idea for marine applications. The ultra-high strength materials can benefit the oil tanker, aircraft carrier or surboard user in very similar ways, our materials increase life, reduce maintainence and considerably decrease mass.  AuTx-HT enables anchor and umbilicale caboling operations to be rethought due to the lightness minimising the cost and weight of the cable handling equipment. AuTx-HT sails, sheets and hawsers are the lightest in the world.   MaTx decks and hulls are the lightest and most durable possible and can be formed into a wide range of specialist shapes from surfboards, giant rubbers to deep sea exploration hulls.   SiTx-HT glazings are the transparencies of choice on yachts and ships where high optical quality and strength are paramount. Current pressing allows 3mx2.5 meter sheets to be produced, coated, curved and laminated to produce the worlds leading marine transparencies for use above and below the waterline.   CcTx's abrassion resistance makes it essential in deap sea drilling operations for both bit teeth and valve controls. Alchemie Group has considerable experience in developing marine components, systems and platforms. Please see the adjacent sections for information on the ATx-RIBS, ATx-Patrol Craft, ATx-Boards and ATx-Submersibles. Whatever your requirements if you need durability and a mass saving then contact us.