The ATx-40 has been designed as the replacement for outdated hydrofoils ‘Kometa’, ‘Kolkhida’, ‘Olympia’ and ‘Cyclone’, taking into account the operating and service experience of these vessels. The ATx-40 Hydrofoil is intended for operation as a high-speed passenger boat on sea routes in moderate or tropical climates.

Depending on the design of the project, level of comfort and arrangement of sa/oons, passenger capacity of the craft varies from 75 to 250 persons. The boat is equipped with bars, stowage spaces, lavatories and sleeping accommodation for the crew.

 33,7-38,5                              Overall length, m

10,5                                       Overall width, m

85-160                                   Total displacement, tn

3,2-4,6                                   Floating draught, m

45-50                                     Speed, km/h

400                                        Range – Km

4-5                                         Sea-going performance, point

6                                            Crew, pers.

diesel                                    Engine type

2                                             Engine numb.

3 000-5 000                           Total power, hp

propellers                             Propulsion

75-250                                   Passenger capacity pers.