Due to original hull-form with air cavity, the ATx-35 can attain speeds of up to 50 knots with wave height up to 0,5 m and wind speed up to 5 m/s. Safe sailing is possible at a sea disturbance of up to 6. The craft enjoys an impressive heritage as it was originally created for use in the marine divisions of the Russian Customs service.The design and interior arrangement of living and working spaces of the boat meet advanced requirements and provide excellemt crew comfort. The boat is equipped with two M533 diesel engines

35,2                          Overall length, m

8,0                            Overall width, m

2,1                            Floating draught, m

99,7                          Total displacement, tn

50,0                          Speed, kn

800                           Operational range, nm

5                              Self-sustaining period, days

6                              Sea-going performance, point

16                            Crew

Ì533                         Engine type

2                              Engine numb.

10,000                     Total power, hp

Propellers                 Propulsion








Principal dimensions of the boat:


Length overall, m                    35,2

Length on DW, m                    30,0

Beam overall, m                       8,0

Beam on waterline, m               7,3

Hull breadth, m                        7,8

Hull height at stem, m             3,92

Hull height amidships, m          3,72

Hull height at transom, m         3,74

Length overall from the base plane with a mast, m            14,8

Displacement light, t                80,2

Displacement normal, t            91,2

Displacement total, t                99,7

Floating draught, m                  1,92

Draught when moving, m         1,47


The boat is equipped with two engines of M533 model ("Zvezda" plant) rated at 5000 hp (3670 kW) each. The boat has artillery armament (AK-306) and small arms, radiolocation facilities, external radio communication facilities, security facilities from the weapons of mass destruction.

At wave height up to 0,5 m and wind up to 5 m/sec the boat can gain speed up to 50 knots, and at sea state 3 it makes 25-35 knots. Safe navigation is possible when the sea state is up to 6.

Cruising range amounts to 800 miles with the cruising speed of 25-35 knots at sea state up to 3 with the full fuel and oil stock. In this case, endurance amounts to 5 days.

A rigid inflatable motor boat for examination operations and a device for quick launch and lift are placed on a stern platform.

The boat is supplied with all the necessary equipment for control, operational and navigation situation tracking, communication with a shore and other ships. The work of a crew is lightened by means of automation of engine's and main systems' operation control, use of different types of signalling and remote control.




Officers are accommodated in one single-birth and one double-birthed cabin on the main deck, warrant officers and mates – in double-birthed cabins, seamen – in the bunk room. Food intake, rest and communication are realized in the wardroom and crew's mess room. Toilets rooms are situated on the main deck and on a platform. An opportunity is given to simultaneously eat for all the staff number of officers and warrant officers. Cooking is done in the galley. There are refrigerators, electric mess-dishes, electric cooking range to cook and cupboards to keep foodstuff on the ship.

Two television systems are installed on the ship to watch television programmes and video films.

Arrangement of work places in the service spaces of the ship meets the requirements of ergonomics and technical aesthetics. The service of action stations by the ship personnel creates no difficulties.

Maintenance of microclimate in the rooms is provided by an air conditioning system, ventilation and heating system. Air conditioner "Klimat-125" is installed on the ship. The cooling effect of the conditioner is 14,5 kW, heating efficiency – 14 kW.

Individual ventilators are installed in the cabins, the pilothouse and radio house.

Minimally normable amount of air, supplied in to the rooms of the ship is 33m³ /h per one person.

Air temperature in the rooms is not less than +20°Ñ when ambient air temperature is -23°Ñ in winter period and not more than +25°Ñ when the ambient air temperature is +30°Ñ in summer period.

Concentration of poisons in the berthing and service spaces does not exceed maximum allowable limit.

Noise level in the rooms and the pilothouse is below normal. Protection of crew during the work in the engine-room in the operational regime is provided by the use of antinoise headphones.

Actual vibration levels with cruising speed do not exceed the norms.

Glow and luminous lamps are installed in the rooms of the ship.

Fresh water supplies (drinking and process water) 1, 8 t provide ship endurance during 5 days on the basis of water discharge – 22,5 litres/day per one person.

Drinking water system is intended for reception, storing, preparation taking into account chlorination and water delivery to the galley, wash-stands and shower cabins. Sanitization post is arranged on the ship.

The work of filter ventilation system provides supply of not less than 20m³/h of purified air for every crew member with overall sealing of the ship.