ATx – 55


The ATx-55 is a vessel intended to destroy hostile surface combatants and boats, both independently and jointly in fleet operations.


CODAG comprising one x 12,000 kW GTU-12 gas-turbine unit driving vented water jet propulsor and two x 3,225 kW M530 diesel engines each driving its respective fixed pitch propeller.

Project 12,300 is the concept platform which forms the basis for construction of various design modifications: Project 12301 and 12302 missile/gun boats carrying other types of supersonic or subsonic missile systems; a gun boat.

Principal Specifications

Displacement fully loaded, t


Length overall, m


Extreme beam, m


Midship depth, m


Draught fully-loaded, m


Top/cruising speed, kts


Cruising range at 12 kts speed, miles





Attack Missiles

High-performance missile system is provided to destroy hostile surface combatants, enemy vessels and coastal targets.

Maximum missile flight range:            up to 300 km
Missile flight speed:                        680 m/s.

Antiaircraft missile/gun armament

Kashtan-1 'close-in' integrated missile/gun air defence system is provided to engage fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, UAVs, anti-ship missiles and small surface targets. The system compris­es two 30-mm rapid-fire gun mounts and eight 9M311 -1M guided anti-aircraft missiles.

Target engagement range –               

  • Missiles:                                            1.5 …8 km

  • rapid-fire gun mounts:                          0.5 …4 km

  • Target flight altitude:                           5…3,500 m.

  • Total fire rate of gun mounts:                up to 10,000-12,000 rds/min.


One A-190 100-mm gun mount is provided to engage surface, air-borne and coastal targets.

  • Fire rate:                                60… 90 rds/min.

  • Maximum firing range:                over 23 km,

  • Target engagement altitude:      17 km.
    Anti-subversive weaponry:         DP-64 hand-operated anti-fogman depth charge grenade  launcher.

Sensors/Electronic Equipment

Monument-E-12300 integrated radar system is provided to detect, identify and track targets, and to generate target designa­tion data for the missile system fire control system.

Positiv-ME1.1 three-dimensional integrated radar system is provided to ensure target detection, acquisition, tracking and gen­eration of target designation data for Kashtan-1 missile/gun system