ATx – Energy


Alchemie Group’s focus in the energy industry is both as a supplier of standard and advanced blends of hydrocarbon fuels, as a developer, licensor and supplier of concentrated solar power and wind systems, and as an engineering services and materials supplier.

Alchemie Group has a micro-site for for its energy related activities @ www.Alchemie-Energy.com.

Alchemie Group’s materials have been at the forefront of the energy industry for decades and will remain a pioneer and key player in the industry in the 21st Century.

The nuclear industry has been dependent on ultra-high speed centrifuges constructed from AuTx-HT composites to minimise mass during uranium separation. SiTx-HT is used for a containment and transportation of radioactive liquids and coolants. CcTx was originally developed for screening of radioactive processes due to its phenomenal resistance to radioactive particles. McTx is used in a number of structural applications due to its extreme strength and durability. AuTx due to its high modulus and immense strength is the fibre of choice in helicopter blades and with its incorporation in syntactic core composites is able to produce the strongest and lightest wind turbine blades. McTx with a titanium skin is the ultimate material to use in marine tidal and wave energy generation. CcTx with its ultra high strength at very high temperatures and resistance to fracture makes it the most suitable material for use within gas turbines as its stability would make it last as long as the turbine system itself. If you are in the energy generation industry and need a ultra-high strength or ultra-light solution then please contact Alchemie Group to discuss your requirements.