ATx – Automotive

ImageTogether with our extensive automotive experience and resources, combined with that of our strategic partners, we have the ability to provide a full turnkey service in the development of Automotive Vehicles and their components. This ranges from delivering complete niche vehicle programmes, through to vehicle refinement and modification, whilst still maintaining the optimum integrity of the Production vehicle. The Alchemie Group team includes senior and very experienced personnel from the engineering and automotive industry. When this essential product development knowledge is then combined with our core super strong and lightweight materials we are able to efficiently service a wide range of product applications from aerofoils to pistons. Alchemie Group also has a unique range of engineering and materials technology experience from engineers that have many years of experience in working with our core materials. Our strategic engineering partners, ARUP and Contechs, have strong track records of engineering achievements with most of the blue chip automotive companies and together we can maximise the potential of Alchemie Group materials to produce market leading products for the automotive market. A listing of the full range of automotive components is available in PDF format. Alchemie Group has also developed and is producing its own range of specialist ATx Vehicles, please see the adjacent listing for further details.