ATx – Aerospace


From space ships to airships, jet fighters to microlights our materials and our ability to assist you in engineering our materials for your specific requirements combined with our extensive production resource should make us an essential partner in any new aircraft development or refit. Our aerospace engineers have been at the cutting edge of space flight and aircraft development for over thirty years. If you need practicle experience in building a probe to land on another planet, to designing a new wing for a microlight we will not only assist you in optimising your design, supply you with the materials or produce your components for you is so desired. Alchemie Group has the resources to supply you with replacement windshields and turbine blades or simply pre-preged composite patches for your wing sections. For further details on the following “ATxFamilies, please look at the relevant web site sections; ATx- Hovercraft, ATx- Microlight, ATx- “Lighter than Air” Craft, ATx- “Ground Effect” Craft. For more information on our design, engineering and production capabilities please do not hesitate to contact us.