APTx – Human Systems

Advanced Protection Technology (APTx) Human Systems is the only company in the personnel protection industry that can draw on a range of proprietary materials technologies with the full suite of protective engineering services to produce the lightest, strongest, and safest enhanced protection systems in the world.

APTx-Human Systems provides a fully comprehensive and integrated personnel protection service to clothing manufacturers, government, corporate and individual clients, which includes all the mandatory steps to produce high quality, protective solution – From the initial threat assessment, through to design, engineering, component production, protective system assembly, finish and certification. APTx-Human Systems uses Alchemie Group’s ultra-high strength transparent and opaque materials and composites, combined with state of the art design and engineering, to create Advanced Protection

Technology solutions to protect users from the full array of 21st Century threats – Lightweight protective solutions considerably maximising operational effectiveness. Alchemie Group’s proprietary materials have been used extensively in the aerospace, defence, security and nuclear industries as well as in the International Space Station. In 2000 the US DOD effectively banned the use of soft, lead cored ammunition on environmental grounds that is now being phased out by NATO and the rest of the world due to lead pollution in training facilities. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s military forces worldwide adopted enhanced penetration, hardened steel core rounds to penetrate steel and composite body armour. Sniper units worldwide adopted tungsten carbide ceramic armour piercing ammunition designed to penetrate “light” in service composite personal and vehicle armour. Militias, organised criminal and terrorist organisations also have access to enhanced penetration “hard core” general service ammunition and ceramic cored ammunition as well as a diverse range of weapons from which to fire them in an attack. In addition to the ready availability of “armour piercing” bullets, other forms of attack involve the use of gas, grenades, on and off route mines and light anti-tank weapons including rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s). More sophisticated methods of attack include electro-optical threats such as lasers and remote detonation of explosive devices. The majority or body armour in the world today is made from protective systems that are designed to stop “soft-core” lead and steel bullets and are unlikely to stop “hard core”, enhanced penetration and armour piercing bullets. To do so using conventional materials would add considerably weight. Since 2000 Alchemie Group has pioneered the application of military attack helicopter structural and appliqué composite armour.

Whatever the risk or threat, APTx-Human Systems will endeavour to provide the highest level of protection available whilst maximising the wearers operational capabilities and minimising the ‘life cycle’ costs for the solution.