EarthScanTx™ – Remote Materials Sensing Technology

Alchemie Group is currently evaluating the previous survey results using “microlepton” sensing techniques to understand from previous surveys what was the actual success of the technology.

EarthScanTx™ uses remote sensing technology to detect and analyse specific material / mineral microlepton signatures or fields on or within the Earth or other planet. This technology has been successfully used to search for mineral deposits of oil, gas, water, metals, diamonds and etc. by sensing their unique microlepton emanations.

EarthScanTx technology is based on the assumption that all physical objects have their own microlepton field. Microleptons are themselves impossible to detect, the microlepton signatures or fields are detected and provide a very accurate method for sensing, identification and location of mineral deposits.

Use of EarthScanTx starts with analysis of satellite data, then data gathered from aircraft, then vehicles to pin point the location and 3D profile the mineral deposit. Surveying with EarthScanTx considerably decreases the risk of mineral exploration, decreases survey costs and greatly decreases the time required.

Please click on the link below to view the presentation:

EarthscanTx Presentation.pdf