Advanced Engineering


Alchemie Group has a very strong, world class, engineering resource base.

The foundation stone of our engineering is our fundamental deep understanding of our unique materials.

We are able to combine the use of the unique high strength materials with ‘state of the art’ materials simulation, design and engineering. These skills enable fast time to market, and high confidence in the development of new structures and components including:

Virtual Component simulation for strength, durability, fatigue and acoustic capabilities provided far in advance of any actual prototypes or parts reduce time/cost in physical parts testing in the development stages.

Mass, centre of gravity, and other handling issues modelled in advance of a prototype minimise costly re-engineering of the prototype or later stages.

CAE modelling provides realistic crash simulation of armoured vehicles to enable the safest armouring systems to be applied in conjunction with the vehicle’s crush system, impact bars and air bags.

Material forming simulation reduces time in tooling and manufacture of parts whilst maintaining the optimum integrity of the materials.

3 dimensional design and development (virtual development) enables visual, assembly and detailed component information to be available throughout the development process for evaluation.

Styling attains optimum visual appearance combined with physical requirements.

This virtual data can be provided on any commercial CAD/CAE system according to the client or supplier requirement to assist in the collaboration with other suppliers / contractors and their parallel development.

The CAD information is essential for parts being sold to the OEM so they can be approved by the engineering department and then released into the purchasing system.

It has been determined whilst working on initial development projects that the rapid prototyping and engineering systems prototyping is extremely cost effective.

These core competencies, when combined with the proven project management / collaboration capabilities of the partners, provide a superior product at low cost and, when required, enable us to take on the co-ordination of complete projects including multi-site and multi-supplier co-ordination for our clients.