The Alchemie Group was founded in 1999 to commercialise a range of materials technologies developed by leading government research establishments. This technology still forms the backbone of the business focusing on unique materials processes and materials that enable Alchemie Group to Supply Ultra-efficient, Ultra-light, Ultra-high Strength, Materials, Composites, Components, Solutions, Systems and Products For the 21st Century.

Supply is supported by a comprehensive design and application based engineering service for processes, materials, composites, components and products. This integration is rapidly enabling Alchemie Group to become a vertically integrated supplier of ultra-high strength materials and advanced composites, components and products.

Over time the company has developed through external investment and internal reinvestment into a business that now incorporates much wider technology research, development and licencing activities as well as materials, component and product supply.

Services provided to our technology partners include:

· Commercial Structuring & Corporate Management

· Intellectual Property Management

· Strategic Planning & Creative Business Planning

· Finance & Investment Services

· Application Development / Engineering

· Sales/Marketing and Business Development

· Production Management

· Administrative Support

Our core materials/products are:

· AlTx™- Aluminium Alloys with tensile strength greater than 600MPa.

· AuTx™- Advanced Aramid Fibre, up to 40% stronger than para aramids, further information can be found at www.AuTx.info.

· AFTx™- Aluminium closed cell foam alloys with high stiffness, acoustic and electromagnetic radiation absorbtion properties.

· CcTx™ – Composite multi component ceramics with ultra high fracture and thermal & shock resistance and new low cost production routes.

· E-Tx™- Electroactive fibre technology used to make active thermoregulation H-E-A-T textiles and solutions, further information can be found at www.ETx.info and www.H-E-A-T.info

· FeTx™- steel processing technology that enables flexural strength greater than 2,000MPa whilst retaining ductility of 10%+.

· Shell ConcreTx™-A optimised combination of primarily inorganic materials to provide optimum structural, insulative and protective properties without the use of cement or steel.

· SiTx™ – Transparent Silica Based Composites.

· TiTx™- titanium processing technology that enables strength increses of 40% greater than known titanium alloys.

Alchemie manages the material supply chains, R&D, intellectual property rights as well as international sales and distribution. Alchemie is able to meet most advanced material, fabric, composite and component requirements. Alchemie is the only supplier in the ultra high strength materials industry that can draw on a range of proprietary materials, composite technologies, application based engineers and project managers to engineer and supply appropriate solutions to the unique high performance requirements of our clients.

Other technologies include:

· GeTx™ – Multi component materials processing technology. 5 to 10 time more efficient than other known liquid blending and emulsification process.

· H2OTx™- Water processing technology, sea & brackish water distillation / desalination that does not require chemical inputs or brine outputs.

· PlasmaTx™- Precise surface modification technology that enables a large increase in active surface area, for example for sunlight absorbtion, catalytic reactions, energy storage, etc.

· SolarTx™ -concentrated solar power primarily for solar energy to thermal energy conversion.

Other areas of activity include:

· ATx – Specialist Vehicles – This business focuses on providing procurement, design, engineering, modification and assembly of Russian and other vehicles.